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We Absolutely Love Rugs! We love their rich history, the stories that their designs tell, the challenge of treating them right and getting them incredibly clean - safely! Rugs Get Beautifed at RugLovin Clean! There are many different types of rugs - from all over the world! And yes, we can clean them all!

We are generally open 9 - 5, M - F. 223 - 12 St B N Lethbridge AB. Our facility is considered WORLD CLASS with few facilities in Canada being equal to ours in terms of specialized equipment for rugs, education, service and love of rugs! PHONE US! 403-394-RUGS (7847), We would love to serve you!

Please look below at the pictures that look like your rug. Click on the link that closest resembles your rug.

If you have a larger rug, we are happy to pick it up and deliver locally. If it's a smaller rug, many of our clients prefer to come to our facility with their rug for our assessment. Out of town clients sometimes will ship their rug to us - phone us to figure out the logisitics.

Rugs Get Beautified! - at 'Rug Lovin' Clean, a division of Crystal Clean Ltd. of Lethbridge, AB. Call us now about your rug! 403-394-RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug to:  Want to know more? Spend some time and look at the photos, videos & individual webpages in this site. Or, come to our office - we would love to discuss - Rugs!


Please study the pictures below, then study your rug. When you find pictures that resemble your rug, click on the link! This will take you to the appropiate webpage to learn more about your rug & our rug washing processes. Be sure to check if there's a label on the corner of the backside of your rug to learn what the rug is made from. For instance: wool, silk, cotton, polypropylene or olefin, acrylic, or a number of other possible fibres. This is critical information to know from a washing perspective.

Wool or Silk Hand Knot Rug


What to look for: Front / Top can be very patterned, moderate pattern or even solid color but has a face yarn pile. Backside matches front side in design, tiny squares on backside are not perfectly uniform or monotonous, will not have a perfectly 'straight' foundation yarn running the backside length of rug (see below if yours does). Fringes are rarely sewn in after rug body has been made, and should be obvious that the fringe yarns also make the foundation for the entire rug body. 

Flatweave & Woven Rugs (without pile)

These rugs have no face yarn /pile. They largely look alot like a nice thick tea towel. Common types / names of flatweaves would be Navajo, Soumak, Kilim or Dhurrie.

Tufted Rugs

The front pile can look like anything from fancy to plain, however tufted rugs often have an off white solid fabric on the back (occasionally other colors can be tan or light blue/grey) like in the photo above, You should see a very standard monotonous weave in this backing fabric with a side wrap / finish like the photo. May or may not have a fringe

Machine Woven Rugs

Have a look at the back of your rug. These always have perfectly even spaced rows of foundation yarn on the back of the rug running lengthwise. The top design should be visible on the back side as in hand-knotted rugs. Fringes, if any, will semi obvious with close inspection that they are most often sewn on after the body of rug was made. 

Synthetic rugs

These rugs would be the same rugs one might have stretched in to your home in a bedroom or family room, However they have 'binding tape' applied to the side (and end if there is no fringe) and have a look like a carpet sample at a carpet store. Sometimes these can be textured or have different colors of borders. Rarely a fringe attached, but if there is, it would be semi-obvious with close inspection that it was sewn on after.

Other Rugs  These rugs dont look like anything else above this catagory. There is many many types of rugs around the world other than the standard types listed above. If your rug doesnt fit into any catagory above, click on this link.



Fringe Concerns