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Machine Made Woven Rugs

Machine Made Woven Rugs often have designs on the front, but some will not.

On the inside they are made like this

by huge 'sewing machines'.

On the back they look like this
Some have fringes added after, others do not. If you have fringe, you can study the end and see it was sewn on after the body of rug was made. Many woven yarns make the weave stay together. Pattern matches front to back, Some may have opposite colors as well. Particularly notice the backside 'warp' yarn running the length of the rug. They will always be  uniform, neat, even and repetitive!

Machine Made Woven Rugs are most often family durable!  The vast majority of these rugs are not overly expensive, nor considered to be family heirlooms. There is a few 'older ones' that can be handed down. These are easily bought at many stores in our city.

Our processes include: (depending on the specifics of "your" rug)

Pre-Inspection. Assess the rug to determine methods for best and safe cleaning results. This rug was found to have urine concerns within the rug.
Dye stability Test. When natural fibres with unknown dye structures are used in the making of the rug. Synthetic rugs are colorfast unless damaging staining materials have accidentally landed on them.  
Rug Dusting. Get out very fine sands & damaging soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation yarn construction by harmonic vibration or air dusting.
Vacuum surface once again.  
Pre- Treat Urine or other specific concerns.  

Apply Cleaning Agents. Specific to your rug type and condition as to start the remaining soil removal process.

Agitate / Scrub. Releasing soils from deep within a rug by using different methods as dictated by your rug assessment.  
Pre-Soak. A 'wash pit' is used for soaking some specific types of soils as required.
Rinse Soil Away by River Wash. Copious amounts of water flushed through the rug on a tilted floor as to create a river effect like washing in rivers of old.  

More Rinsing with large 'Centrifuge' Equipment adding more rinse waters until rinse turns up clean, clear water.


Rinse Soil away by Extraction when rug construction will not allow river washing, gentler methods must be used.

Groom to Set Pile. Rugs dry faster and look best when the pile of the rug is standing nice & tall.

Hang Dry. Rugs are hung in our 'dry tower' for faster drying!  

Post- treat Further Spots. If a stubborn spot still needs further attention.

Fringe Detail Cleaning. If still needed following the wash above. Rugs are not fanastic until the fringe is fantastic! Obviously this rug is a different rug from the other photos. These fringes are always sewn on after the body of the rug is made.  

Apply Protector and / or Moth Control. Many rugs benefit from protection!

Inspect for results that count!

Roll and package for client pick up from our cleaning plant or to deliver.


You can see we are passionate about caring for your rug! Call us now about your rug! 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug

Challenges & Concerns - Machine Woven Rugs

1. Urine issues. We often have excellent results with urine on these rugs.

2. Never fold these machine made rugs! Keep them round! It sometimes takes years to get folds out, if ever.

3. Some may have wrinkling happening at the edges when they arrive at our facility. They will likely return with same wrinkle.

4. Some face yarns are noted for having a 'velcro effect' - lint etc stick to these ones like crazy! These specific ones are often not worth cleaning depending how you feel about the lint attraction.

5. Fibre types:

       Olefin / Polypropylene, Polyester, Microfibre an Acrylic love oil stains. Very family proof rugs however!

       Nylon fibres like color stains like koolaid, Family proof rugs that usually last a little longer.

       Rayon / Viscose fibres are not designed for long term heavy use such as entry points to a home, (compare these to your rayon dress or shirt!)  

       Wool rugs are color sensitive like nylon, but generally have longer lifespans than synthetics.

       Cotton rugs can last a long time, but cotton is very absorbent, liquid spills can easily be permanent stains. Not for child area family or dining rooms.

       Faux Silk fibres are NOT silk! These can be anything, but mostly Rayon/ Viscose but can include Acrylic, Polyester, Microfibre, Bamboo and Banana.

       Other fibre rugs such as jute, sisal, sea grass, coir, hemp, bamboo, banana have limited cleanability options. A simple water spill can be a permanent stain. Urine can be permanent.

Look for the label in the back side corner. Read the fibre content! If it says 'unknown content' - dont buy it!

Common department store Olefin Rugs have less face yarn face texture like this. Sandy soil in the foundation are easier to remove. More rug dusting is required on thicker face yarn systems like this 'Egyptian' or 'Heat Set Olefin' rugs. Rayon / Viscose rugs roll very thin and tend to 'spin out easily like the picture due to their nap. They have a very very soft texture, but do not stand up to high traffic places like front entry to your home.