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Other Rugs


Rugs can come in many different designs, materials and type of construction. It is impossible to post them all here. Please bring in your rug to our office (LINK HERE) to see what it is before we can tell you what we can do for you. However, just about every rug can be cleaned somehow, it is just a matter of how and what we need to do. Some of these rugs are made from materials that are very challenging to remove soil from as they may be not water friendly such as Jute, Sisal, Coir or Seagrass. Some are made in a very challenging way to get soil out. Some are good family durable rugs, other rugs can be disposable when they get too soiled. We can only suggest that one 'knows for sure what they are buying - before they bought'!  Knowing what spots and stains are present is very helpful to know on all rugs, but especailly on many of these. You will want to view another webpage of rugs here for ideas of how we "may" process your rug.  Rugs with face yarn pile   or...   Rugs without face yarn pile.

Please know that we are passionate about rugs! We clean all kinds of common & not so common rugs! Call us now about your rug! 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug

Challenges & Concerns - Other Rugs

1. Odd rugs are not often great durable, lasting rugs. Yes there is a few. Some make excellent wall hangings and pieces of conversation!

2. Be sure to find out all you can about the rug, especially what it is made from when you buy it.

2a. Natural fibres are always moisture absorbing. This means on some fibres, water can cause semi permanent stains. Some of these fibres get wet & the color of the rug runs to whatever surface it is on - like having your rug placed over an installed white carpet below which may keep that bleeding color forever. What we are saying is - be cautious! It may be pretty, but may not be worth the difficulties of care later on. 

2b.Synthetic fibres are reliable fibres. Each has its own characterstics of things that are 'natural' to it, but these are steady reliable fibres. Rayon & Viscose is a modified natural fibre and do not have good durability for entry or family room rugs. These fibres are also commonly known as Faux Silk! 

3. Know what you are buying before you buy it! Knowing the fibre it is made from and its natural characteristics in relation to the things that happen in the room you will place the rug is critical. Search through our web pages here and you will find charts and graphs for different fibre types for those that really wish to know.