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Protection & Storage

Fabric Protectors

Most Rugs will benefit from having a protector applied and highly recommended. The largest benefit to you the consumer, is about 30% more soils can be readily removed by vacuuming instead of these soils remaining adhered to the fibres after vacuuming. Rugs stay cleaner longer and last longer! Protectors prevent soil attaching or sticking itself to the fibre. The second benefit is that spots can be removed easier. However, many rugs are made with water loving and easily re-dye-able fibres - the protector cannot change the natural characteristic of any natural characteristic of the fibre.


Flat Corners - hold down corners of rugs that want to curl! Easy to attach to your rug!

Moth Control >>> MOTHS EAT WOOL! Our dry climate means we do not get an abundance of moths, but is greatly advised if storing your rug for any length of time.


Wrapping & Storage >>> We can wrap your rug for storage or shipping / moving. Short term storage is available at our facility as well upon request.

Rug Dusting only >>> Some clients ask us to dust their rugs only without completing the rug wash processes. We can use ether harmonic vibration dusting or air dusting or both depending on what type of rug you have. Just bring your rug in!

Rug Repairs.  Currently we do not offer much in terms of rug repairs, however, if you know of an experienced weaver or rug repair person in Lethbridge area - we would love to get to know them! Often rug repairs are currently done by sending your rug to Calgary or Vancouver.