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Risks for Rug Washing

Most risks to rug washing lie in the original (or after) application of dyes or treatments immediately after rug is made. We have multiple products to deal with different dye set / dye bleed / dye crock issues. There is always risks to dyes in rugs when most rugs are made in third world countries where sometimes the technology is not that good. Other times it is better than computerized suggestion of how to make a proper dye. We just don't know what your specific rug has when it arrives! Many rugs are dye tested before we proceed with any cleaning process. We guarantee our work, we cannot guarantee your rug was well made.

Some spots are actually dye stain colors that have re-dyed the fibre in the rug. Color stripping is available but has risks that may include removing original dye along with the offending dye. We will make our best efforts, but results cannot be guaranteed. Depending on how hard the offending dye is struck, this process will lightly damage the fibre by nature of the process.

Urine yellow is a dye. Most often, we make a huge improvement with our regular urine treatments. However, sometimes urine yellow is very strong & can be permanent. Certainly the fibre type of your rug is a factor in urine success. Further, as urine ages on a rug, rarely but it happens, it can bleach out original color from the rug dye.

Latex Delamination. All tufted rugs have a glue in the center of them that holds the face yarn into the primary backing and attaching the secondary backing as to make the rug lay flat and square. With age, this glue deteriorates and dries out leaving a fine white powder under the rug. This is normal deterioration. The secondary backing may also detach itself from the primary backing in time as well called delamination.

Sour Latex. Some tufted rugs are made with bacteria laden water during the manufacturing process, often from third world countries who do not have effective water treatment plants. This is a cousin to the effect of sour milk! This is a non repairable situation that gets worse as the rug ages. Many retailers will take your rug back for full refund with receipt as this is a well documented issue in our industry who in turn return it to their suppliers etc for credit.

Occasionally, other issues original or after construction come up. Rugs out of square (often fixable with additional fee), stencil or 'cartoon' dyes were not dye set after original construction bleed into face yarn or fringe, over use of treatments to prepare the rug to go to market at the time of manufacture, fringes overbleached at manufacture or previous cleanings (give your fringe quick tug to see if it is solid), competing foundation yarn systems can cause wrinkling. There are many more things that can come up but far too many to mention. Again, we guarantee our workmanship, unfortunately we cannot guarantee you have a well made rug.

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