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Rug Care General Advise

1. Rotate your rugs every 6 months for even wear patterns. Flip over reversable rugs to prevent uneven sun fading.


2. Use WoolSafe only approved spotters for spots. If this doesnt work STOP and phone us. Just about everything from the grocery store shelf harms wool, silk & cotton in rugs.

3. Consider doing a bleed test on wool rugs before you complete the purchase of it. (no need on synthetic rugs!) BUY the right rug in the first place. Many most modern rugs for sale are best left in the store unless you are prepared to discard them when they get dirty. See the pictures on the Home Page located at bottom of page of Other Rugs.

4. Get all the history you can when buying a new or used hand knot oriental or persian family heirloom type rug & document it. Photograph it and if higher value (keep your receipts!), talk to your insurance agent about it as it may not be covered with your existing standard insurance policy.

5. Rugs made from non standard fibres (other than wool, silk, nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin / polypropylene - these ones are 'safe') are often very stainable and offer limited results in cleanability. Rugs are made from every conceivable material - pretty does not mean durable or 'family proof'. They now make paper rugs - literally - guess what happens when they get wet!