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Rug Pad

Every Rug will benefit from a proper Rug Pad and are valuable for several reasons:

1. Rugs won't give & stretch 'too much' when they are placed on carpeted floors. Too much flex in foundation yarn systems cause premature wear when you step on them.

2. Rugs dont 'walk' across carpeted rooms or have 'the speed bump' at one end of the rug when furniture is used to 'hold down the rug'.

3. Rugs dont slip & slide on hard floors, and you do not slip & fall when the rug moves underneath you when you first step on your rug.

4. Rug Pads help face yarns to stay standing tall & fluffy.

We offer 3 types:

Ultimat Rug Pad - no slip for either hardfloor or carpeted surfaces - the best available anywhere, Guaranteed for 10 years.

Ultimate Low Profile Pad - no slip extra thin pad designed for entry rugs so rugs stay still! Guaranteed for 7 years.  

High Quality Pad - more economical rug pad prevents slipping & sliding! Guaranteed for 5 years. 

Low Quality Pad - often found at department stores, does not help rugs to 'stick well' enough, therefore we choose not to sell it.

Call us now at 403 394 RUGS (7847). Yes, we sell rug pad for new rugs that are not ready for cleaning yet!