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Send us a Picture

To email a picture of your rug, we need 3 or 4 pictures as illustrated below:  (Note: cell phone images rarely can be blown up enough for us to see what you are concerned about or the detail we need from the reverse side of rug, thank you! If you have a good photo cell camera, you can try. Thumbnail sizes etc will not help as we need to blow them up to standard computer screen size to see the details we are looking for.)

1. Picture of entire face of rug - with a piece of furniture such as a chair or sofa so we can see how big the overall size is. 2. A picture with 1 corner flipped over about 10 - 15". we need to see back, side edge and fringe.  3. If a hand knot rug, please ensure your back corner photo is a close up like this. We need to see the knot structure, side & fringe attachment in close detail. 4. A picture of your primary concerns or spots. Please use a pen to point to it! This category of concerns include: bleeding colors, ink, dyes, damage etc.

Better photos provide better answers for us to call you back once we study the photos. Please note: We will reply by phone call as there is too many things to type out in a written reply format, thank you.

What does the rug label say? It will be located on one of the corners on the back of the rug.

What does the label say the rug is made from? _____

What are your specific questions about the rug you are sending pictures for? ____

Is there a time frame that the rug must be completed for? _____

Your Name ____

Your mailing address ____

Your phone # at home ____

Cell phone number ____

Your email _____

SEND this information with medium or large size pictures to: clean@ruglovin.com