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Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs might look like this, or any other "carpet" that might be installed in a home as wall to wall carpet. This one is a standard shag. Inside they look like this: On the back they look like this:
Often identical to carpet installed in your home. Edges often bound like a carpet sample at the store. Sometimes the Bonding agent called Latex, looses its adhering ability with age. Many look like either a white 'gunny-sack' material, or soft fuzzy backing covering the 'gunny-sack' material.

Generally speaking, these inexpensive rugs are found at local department, furniture or decorator stores. They come in many colors and designs. Many are solid colors or 2 tone. These are not family heirloom rugs. But many are 'family life durable'! Some of these rugs are also carpets that might be stretched and installed into your home as wall to wall carpets, but they are trimmed and sewn with binding tape that you would see around most carpet samples at a carpet store.

Our processes include: (depending on the specifics of "your" rug)

Pre-Inspection. Assess to determine methods for best results for soil conditions.    
Air Dusting. To get out very fine sands & soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation.    
Vacuum. Remaining surface dust if any.    
Pre- Treat. Urine areas or other concern areas.    
Apply Cleaning Agents. Designed specifically to your rug type and condition as to start the remaining soil removal.    
Pre-Soak. A 'wash pit' soaking for specific types of soil removal if required.    
Agite Cleaning Agents. Releasing soils from deep within a rug using either of these tools.    
Rinse Soil Away by River Wash. Copious amount of water flushed through the rug on a tilted floor as to create a river effect like washing in rivers of old.    

Water extraction. Once soils are flushed, then we extract waters with large centrifuge equipment adding more rinse waters until rinse turns up clean, clear water.

or Rinse Soil Away. Extraction is sometimes needed with more gentle tools when Latex Backing are starting to age or delamination sets in.    
Groom or Set the Pile. Rugs dry faster and look best when the pile of the rug is standing nice & tall.    
Hang Dry Rugs. Rugs hang in our dry tower to facilitate fast drying.    
Post- treat Remaining Spots. There may be a spot that still needs further attention if present.    

Apply Protector some rug fibre types need a protector - others do not.

Inspect for results that count!

Roll / package for client pick up from our cleaning plant or for us to deliver.


You can see we are passionate about cleaning your rug! Call us now about your rug! 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug

Challenges & Concerns with Synthetic Rugs - These are very stable rugs with few concerns:

1. Latex Bonding Agent doesnt hold the layers of construction together anymore. If you moved your rug & there was a fine white powder under your rug, the latex glue is drying out with use and age.

2. Urine doesnt let go well from latex glue. We can make great imporovements in urine iussues however - it is just stubborn!

3. Some face yarn systems love color related stains such as koolaid and are permanent or somewhat risky to remove.

4. Fibre types:

       Olefin / Polypropylene, Polyester, Microfibre and Acrylic love oil stains. Very family proof rugs however!

       Nylon fibres like color stains like koolaid, Family proof rugs that usually last a little longer.