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Tufted Rugs

Tufted Rugs can have many front designs. How they are made on the inside: They always have this solid color fabric on the back!  
This is a very common construction design for rugs. They are cost effective to produce and generally cost effective to purchase. These are generally moderate value rugs, not heirloom or vintage quality. The Latex Bonding Agent holds the face yarn ' V ' construction in place betwen the primary and secondary backings, it is not knottted like hand knot rugs. The Secondary backing provides stability to the rug so rugs do not behave like a tea towel. Most often this fabric is natural off white, but sometimes tan & light blue can be found The edge tape hides open edges left from the contruction assembly,

Tufted Rugs are either made by computerized tufting machinery or by handheld tufting gun to create a rug. A primary backing fabric is used to shoot the faceyarn through, then latex glue is used to hold yarns in place and another secondary backing is applied while glue is wet - which is the solid color fabric you see when you turn the rug upside down. Fringes are attached after the rug body has been created if the rug is to have one. Face yarn are most often wool, however sometimes acrylic, and rarely other fibres. These are moderate value rugs that have anywhere from 10 - 30 year lifespans but are not considered family heirlooms.

Our processes include: (depending on the specifics of "your" rug)

Pre Inspection of your rug to determine best cleanability options. Latex glues often get brittle with age - listen for crackling as you roll the rug and even loose backings. Secondary backing cloth is easily water stained by just - water!
Dye Stability Testing. Most of these rugs are color stable.  
Rug Dusting. Get out very fine sands and damaging soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation yarn construction by harmonic vibration or air dusting.
Vacuum Rug Surface.  
Pre- Treat Urine or other concerns.
Apply Cleaning Agents. Designed specifically for your rug fibre type and soil condition as to start the remaining soil removal.  
Agitate Cleaning Agents. Get the soils loosened and ready to be removed using different types of mechanical agitation.  
Pre-Soak when needed. A 'wash pit' soaking for specific types of soil removal when required, often urine specifically.   
Rinse Soil Away by River Wash. Copious amounts of water flushed through the rug on a slanted floor as to create a river effect like washing in rivers of old.  
Water Extraction. Once soils are flushed with large centrifuge equipment adding more rinse waters until rinse turns up clean, clear water.  

Or Rinse Soil Away by Extraction. When damaged or aging rug construction will not allow river washing, gentler methods must be used.

Hang Dry. Rugs are hung in our dry tower for expedient drying!
Flat Dry Rugs. When latex bonding agents have seriously delaminated.  

Post- treat Further Spots. There may be a spot that still needs further attention after steps above.

Fringe Detail Cleaning. If still needed following the wash above.
Choose a Rug Pad for longer lasting rugs. We have several types to choose from!  

Apply Protector and / or Moth Control. Many of these rug fibre types need a protector!

Inspect for results that count!

Roll / Package for client pick up from our cleaning plant or for us to deliver.


You can see we are passionate about caring for your rugs! Call us at 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us pictures of your rug

Concerns & Challenges with Tufted Rugs

1. Latex glue can turn sour - almost like sour milk, produces an odd odor that gets stronger over time. If at all, this happens with rugs usually less than 5 years old. This is not a repairable situation. Industry documentation now helps most of these faulty rugs to be returned to point of purchase with receipt. This happens due to bacteria in the waters when latex bonding agent glue is made - often in 3rd world countries without proper water purification techniques.

2. Latex bondling agents that are the glue that hold the middle of the rug together love to hold urine. It is a challenge to get the urine to release safely from the glue. We get huge improvement!

3. Latex bonding agents get brittle with age and eventually secondary backing starts to release. Wrinkles on the front of the rug may appear. White dust / powder remains on the floor under the rug as it breaks down when rug is moved. This is the normal aging process of a tufted rug.

4. Secondary backing is made from a very unrefined and inexpensive form of cotton canvas - it water stains very easily. Cleanable if you are concerned.

5. Sometimes 'stencil' or pattern dyes are hidden under rug in the primary backing and are not removed during manufacture. Sometimes these bleed into rug face or secondary backing.