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Urine Concerns

When you have these


We have much success in dealing with urine issues in rugs in our facility - it is a very common concern with many clients. You are not alone and no need to be embarrassed! We pretty much see a urine filled rug every day. With rugs, we consider what the construction is, dye stability and fibre content. Then we can formulate a plan that will work and be safe for the rug. No one plan will always be the best choice for every rug, therefore we have several options how we may take care of your rug with urine concerns. Just know that we are readily able to fix the light and most heavily contaminated rug when needed! Call us now about your rug! 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug

We use Blacklight technology to confirm if there is urine concerns. Urine is treated with appropriate products for the rug at hand. Often, the rug is put into a soaking pit with rotating waters as urine doesnt simply 'just wash away' on its own. Fresh water is flooded through the rug to finish removing urine contaminants. The rug is then dried & finished. Post inspection confirms urine issues are dealt with.


Further, if you have concerns about carpets & furniture in your home, click here to get to our parent company, Crystal Clean Ltd to go to their website www.crystalclean.com or Phone 403 381 0015. They are awesome!